Cool business card templates for cosmetologists

New a new identity for your business adventure as a cosmetologist? Take a look at these creative designs especialy made for people working in this industry. Trendy company card templates for men and women who’s passion is styling. If you specialize in make up, hair and nails then these inspiring cards may be just what you are looking for. A professional image is important but can take time and money to set up. With these templates you can start immediately and it won’t cost too much. Order a pack today with your own professional stylist logo, name or monogram and start handing them out to clients tomorrow.

Business card templates for dog walkers

Starting your own dog walking business and need cool business cards to hand out fast? Why not use one of many well designed templates. It’s easy, cheap and fast. Choose a design you like, edit your contact details, place your order and wait till they get sent to your home. You can order other stationery products as well like flyers, lettersheads, stickers and more. In case you don’t have a website yet you can also get creative templates for that. With the business cards it’s also good to know that you can create a unique image yourself. You can upload your own pictures or graphics of dogs for example and use them on the print. Fonts and colors can also be modified. This way no layout has to look the same. The printing service will take care of everything else and send your order to your home quickly. Below is just one example but there are many more to choose from.

Dog walking business card

New guest blogging sites listed by category

Guest blogging is a great way to get more visitors to your blog. Below is a list of sites that allow guest posts. The most common rules for guest blogging are:
Write original articles that can’t be found on other websites.
Aim for high quality and check your text for spelling mistakes.
Submit relevant or on topic articles.

Travel blogs

Internet Marketing blogs

Health blogs

Design blogs

Finance blogs

Social media business cards with Facebook

Facebook Cards is a new initiative between MOO and Facebook to create real business cards based on your Facebook Timeline. It takes your profile picture and different images from your timeline to create a set of 50 unique business cards. On the backside you can place a personal quote or saying. And last but not least you can add your contact details. The video below explains exactly how to go about it. The service was FREE for the first 200.000 people who signed up but that was in January 2012. The service is now also available for businesses. Maybe you can still get a discount.

Business Card Boredom? Not with!

iPage webhosting review by real experience

When looking for cheap webhosting companies iPage is among the top 10 that seems to show up frequently in searches online. Similar companies are Hostgator, BlueHost and Hostmonster. We have chosen iPage because the price seems to be the lowest of all and the amount of features are pretty good including unlimited bandwith and hosting space. The control panel that they use is one of their own and works pretty smooth from our experience. What you should know however is that your site is hosted with thousands of other sites on a server. This could even be up to 10.000 other sites. Our websites have never been down for long but here and there we did notice some very slow moments to the point that we complained about it at the online helpdesk. Most important about this honest review is to know the iPage pricing system. We were unpleasantly surprised with the price they ask when it’s time to renew your subscription. The price for renewal of 1 year is much higher then you would expect being at least double. The cheap price in the first year is just to lure you in. Unfortunately it’s not clearly stated when you sign up in the beginning and that’s why it’s rather misleading in our eyes. We did complain about it and where able to get a $20 discount for the inconvenience. It’s also good to know that if you reside outside of the US there will be an extra amount for taxes. Another thing we would like to mention that makes us unhappy is that you get a free domainname but it’s only for the first year. After that you pay 14.99 per year which is rather expensive for a dot com. We were surprised iPage took this amount off automatically from PayPal while we hadn’t activated automatic payments at all. So in conclusion be aware that your renewal can be quite costly and more then you might expect. Some alternatives are GoDaddy, Hostgator, Omnis en 1&1


Business name creation tips

Finding a good business name isn’t easy. It has to sound good and it can’t be too long. The idea is that people can easily remember it. It’s also important that the domain name is still available. Some companies go for web 2.0 names, a name that is completely fictitious ideal for a website offering a unique service. Examples of such creations are Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo and Google. These are unique names which is great but remember it might take longer for people to really remember them. It will take more marketing efforts to become well known and that in return costs more money. The advantage is that nobody else has such name. There can be no confusion with competitors. To help your company name be more easily remembered you can use associations in the name. Like Flickr is associated with the flickering of the flash on a camera. That makes sense since the service is all about photos. If you find thinking up a name is difficult there are some online business name generators you could give a try. is one of them that lets you edit some settings and actually checks if the domain name is free to register. Play around with and see what comes up. You may get inspired by some of the words. The video below gives more free tips on creating a good business name for your company.

Download free business card software

With all the online business card programs you would think there is not much need for a program that you can download. Nevertheless that is exactly what the company NCH if offering and it’s completely free. With this software you can create and print your own business cards or create high resolution PDF files for printing services. A big selection of single and double sided templates in included with the program. It’s also possible to use your own logo or photo in the design. The program called CardWorks runs on Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7. It can be downloaded from the website You may also like some of their other products which include software for converting images, invoicing and video conversion.

Using Google on your real business card

Putting the Google logo on your business card may sound strange but this example has done exactly that. It’s actually supposed to look like the homepage of the search engine. In the search bar they put a popular search term that they can be found on. The search result is the website of the company. In this case a printing service. It looks exactly how Google would display it. A clever idea that will get people talking about your card and hopefully your business even visiting the website. The great thing is that you can do exactly the same for your company. Keep in mind people could actually try to type in the search term you use and that may lead them to competitors too. If you are really in the nr 1 spot however it is a nice way to show off.

Sporty templates for personal trainers

Looking for business cards to respresent yourself as a personal trainer? We have gathered a nice selection of sporty templates that are perfect for the job. To make them yours you only have to customize the text. You can do all the editing online without downloading stuff. You might also be interested in other stationery products like flyers and posters to promote your fitness service. After you have a finished a design you simple place an order for things to be printed. For free webdesign themes check out the menu above. Below are some of the best business card examples we found.

Certified Personal Trainer Business Card zazzle_profilecard

An example of a card with a good stockphoto of a muscled man working out with a dumbell.

Certified Personal Trainer zazzle_profilecard

The same design but then geared to women.

Fitness Business Cards zazzle_profilecard

Getting fit is not only about weight lifting. The above pictures might not appeal to everyone. Instead of pictures you can also use illustrations like this card that shows some exercises and stretches.

Personal Trainer zazzle_profilecard

Often the goal is not being fit but loosing weight. This template shows a picture of a measuring tape to make that clear. Besides a healthy living style with sport it’s important to keep eye on your diet