Business card templates for a life coach

Helping others in life is a rewarding experience. If you are starting out as a life coach and need business cards fast you may like these easy templates. We have selected our favorites from hundreds of the designs. Every company is different of course but we think there is a design for everybody. Many of them have been designed by professional graphic designers. Most designs have a photographics image or some kind of clip art graphic / logo. In addition you can also print letterheads, flyers, poster and other stationery products.

Life Coach II Personal Goals Spiritual Counseling profilecard

This designer seems to have a strong focus on designs for life coaches using photos related to nature. This card uses an image of piled rocks near the sea for example. You can edit the contact details and the words empowering, reafferming and enlightening. This template uses a blue color but other colors are available too.

Another design by the same artist showing pebbles in a row symbolizing the stepping stones of life. The clean white background with black & white image makes a good professional impression. Improving the quality of life is the goal.

Everybody knows the saying; a picture is worth a thousand words but with this business card template it’s rather the reverse. Words speak louder without an image. It very clearly tells clients what kind of services you have to offer as a coach. Most would agree that health is the most important thing in life and this goes hand in hand with physical fitness and eating nutricious foods.

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