Super business card backgrounds!

If you already have an idea for your business card design but don’t have time to create the graphics you may like these ready made backgrounds. There is a background for almost every type of company including typical patterns and close up material shots. We have selected a just few templates to give you an idea of what you can use. Other printable themes include cork, fiber, camouflage, aluminium, notebook paper, leather look, sky, chrome and much more.

Diamond Plate Business Cards profilecard

A diamond metal plate background ideal for a construction company for example. Printing yellow letters on top would be a great color combination. Other materials could be carpet, hard plastic, bricks, wood etc.

Zebra Print Cosmetology Appointment Card profilecard

Animal prints always seem to be in favor. This colorful example uses a black and white zebra background print but a tiger, leopard, cow or crocodile skin can also be easily found.

Gold Leaf Business Cards profilecard

Want to give your card a rich feel? How about amazing gold leaf as a background image. Other luxurious designs could be diamonds, silver, suede etc.

Canvas Business Cards profilecard

Is your business more organic? How about a beautiful canvas background. Other ideas are grass, leafes, dirt, sky, clouds, lava, water etc. click on any template to discover more background graphics.