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Designing your business card with royalty free artwork, cool graphics and downloadable clip art
Online templates and printers have made it easy to create a business card fast. Most templates already have the artwork in place and all you have to do is add your contact information. Of course it's also possible to add you own artwork or graphics. You can create cool artwork yourself with graphic design software or download free graphics and clip art illustrations online. Always check if the graphics are completely royalty free and can be used for commercial purposes though. You can also find cool backgrounds and logos for free on this website. Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of the artwork. Professional designers usually work with the vector format because it can be scaled without loss of quality and Pantone color codes can be incorporated.

Typically vector files end with .eps .ai .svg or .eps. An .eps file can also be a picture pixel file which is not the same then. Printing services can print pixel graphics too of course but for the best printing result the resolution must be high. The best would be 300 pixels per inch or higher. For printing your own cards at home 150 pixels per inch should be ok. Note that the artwork images have to be created in a high resolution in the first place. Making the resolution higher on a low res image doesn't really work. Most websites have low res images of 72 ppi for example (the term dpi is used too). Unless the illustrations are big enough it's not a good idea to use them as pictures. To check and edit graphic images you will need a photo software program like Photoshop or Gimp. Instructions on how to use these programs can be found online. Common file types are jpeg tiff psd and eps. A higher resolution does inflate the file size considerably but luckily business cards are relatively small so big dimensions are not really needed.

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