Free business card backgrounds, images and stock pictures

Learn how to make your own business card with free backgrounds and downloadable images
The easiest way to give your blank business card some color is with cool backgrounds that you can download for free. Backgrounds can be anything from abstract prints and patterns to photos. You can use your own pictures too if you are a bit creative. To make text more readable you can fade the complete background or just parts where text will be placed. Optionally you can cut images so that they don't take up your whole business card. Make sure the resolution of your psd background is high. At least 300 dpi for a printing company and 150 dpi for printing at home. Printing services always prefer a little overlap around the edges so no white lines appear. Below are examples of completely free backgrounds that you can use for commercial or personal business cards.

Cool business card backgrounds

Cool business card backgrounds and patterns
Animals prints and skin like zebra, leopard, crocodile, cow, tiger and more.
Materials like denim, canvas, metal plates, wood, bricks, sky, clouds, water, dirt etc.
Graphical like psychodelic colors, stripes, bubbles, curves, dots, gradients etc.
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