Custom business card design

Let a creative graphic designer make a custom business card design for your company
Online templates are great, they are easy, cheap and fast to make yourself. The disadvantage is that these standard designs are not really unique and sometimes not of the best quality. This can reflect negatively on you and your company. Besides that your company may have or need other printed stationery materials like letterheads and envelopes. Using different designs on each item can come across as unprofessional and doesn't indicate a strong brand. Another thing missing on most templates are logos. We aren't talking about icons or symbols here. Real logos give your company recognition and distinguish you from competitors. All in all good reasons to consider a professional graphic designer if your budget allows it.

Start with logo design and follow with stationery items like letterheads en printed envelopes
If you decide on a custom business card and you don't have a logo it's best to start with the development of that first. Creating a unique business logo will cost much more then just a card layout but it's the basis of corporate identity design and worth the price because you will use it for years to come. Once you have the logo the creation of other stationery items will go a lot easier because the style, colors and fonts are determined already.

A new business card design with vector logo and graphics
If you do already have a good logo it should be no problem for a graphic designer to create a custom business card with it. Professional designers use draw software progams to make vector illustrations. If your logo is not available in vector it should really be converted. Depending on the details of the design this can cost extra but again it's worth it. The advantage is that it will look sharp when printed and it can be scaled without loss of quality. That means you can use it for big advertising billboards and car stickers for example. Also Pantone color codes can be used so that colors are always consistent in your artwork.

How does the custom design process work?
When it comes to custom logo design the designer will ask a lot of questions about your company. This part is called the briefing. Don't hold information back but give as much relevant info as you can so the designer has stuff to work with. When he or she knows enough it's time to start creating. This can take a few days after which you will receive several proposals. I would suggest minimally three but it depends on the agreement you have. A good designer combined with a good briefing should be able to create good proposals that appeal even tho they may not be perfect the first time round. If non of the designs appeal immediately don't panic. Describe what you like and don't like about them and move forward with the best one. The creator will then have another chance to get closer to a design that does appeal to you. The number of revisions should be agreed upon beforehand though. In the end you should have a result that you can be happy with. If the initials designs are completely off and you have no confidence in the designer it's probably better to abort the mission. This creation process can also be applied for making business cards if you already a logo. The briefing however doesn't need to be that elaborate.

How to find a good freelance graphic designer or agency with design services?
Ask friends and business partners if they can recommend anybody. Always check portfolios and see if they have many real clients. Some printing services have a separate design department too. Send out a tweet and see who reacts. Organizing a contest with several designers is another option but that requires more time and invites all kinds of amateur artists.

How much do custom designed business cards cost?
The best way is to ask a quote for the work you want done. Some will give you an hourly price or just a one price for the whole job. Many designers won't do spec work so expect to pay at least 50% up front.

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