Cool business card ideas and free tips for your own company cards

Original and creative business card ideas for your company
Below we have compiled a list on how to create original business cards for your company. We hope you get inspired by these amazing ideas. If you have any fresh tips or suggestions that aren't mentioned here, please feel free to contact us. Other clever examples of layout designs can be found in the menu on the left.

Put a neat little calendar on the back of your business card
Putting a small calendar on the back of your business card makes your card useful and practical. There is a bigger chance companies will save your card just because it has an overview of months and dates on it. End if the year ends you have good reason to give fresh one.

Turn your normal business card into a handy magnet
Magnets get saved and are put on visual places like fridge doors. Instead of your disappearing in a rolodex your card will be on top of everything. Another practical way to get the edge over other business cards. Combined with a calender you have two great ideas rolled up in one.

Make your static business card interactive with a multi media CD rom of DVD
Yes its possible to create a business card sized CD rom or DVD. They are not round but rectangular like a normal company card. On the CD or DVD you can put as much information as you want. Promotional videos, interactive games, slideshows, photos and much more. This way you can really show what your company is all about. It might be more expensive to produce but it makes you unique.

Give away business card size USB sticks with your awesome logo on it
Let people use your free business card as a USB stick. USB sticks are handy to carry data around. Everybody uses them so why not give them away with your logo and contact info. They have the same size as a flat business card but are slightly thicker. The USB part pops out from the middle.

Give away free letter openers with your company information on it
This is another clever promotional tool that is simple and easy to use. Think about this idea, your card gets use every day to open the mail. It doesn't get much better then that. The letter opener is made from plastic and has your information printed on it.

Cool business card sculptures and clever cut outs that do more for the eye
A relatively new idea are business cards sculptures. These are handcrafted sculptures of your paper business cards. They can be transformed in all kinds of shapes. Basically it's a kind of origami. It's not cheap to purchase but makes a great gift. As a cheaper alternative you can make your card special with cutouts. Make cut out parts pop up and stand by folding the card in a certain way. There are videos online on how to create this stuff.

Make your best business card real sticky with fantastic stickers
Stickers have been around forever. If you have a great logo why not use stickers to promote your company. They are easy to give away and aren't easily removed once they are stuck to something. You can also use this idea in combination with a calendar.

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