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When it comes to designing your business card layout you can be as creative as you want. Generally you want it to be organized and easy to read. Typical business card contact information will be your name, function or title, address, phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, email address and website address. If you are not a great designer it can be a challenge to fit all this info on just one little card. With font size, letter spacing and line space however you can do a lot but keep readability in mind. Leave enough margins or white space along the sides for a more professional airy look. Too close to the sides looks crammed or tight and doesn't really make a good first impression. Below are some standard layouts with logo placement to help you design a cool layout for your own card. Of course not every logo is the same size or shape. Sometimes a vertical layout may work out better then a horizontal form. When it comes to the text on your card less is usually more. Often times you can do without descriptions like E-mail: Tel. Internet: and icons are not much better. To make info look more modern and stylish on a single line use simple dividers like this: address | phone email - web. Use the menu for more examples and real templates.

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Examples of basic layouts and how to aligning text on corporate business cards

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