Free logos icons and symbols for your company and business card

We have created some free logos here for different professions and occupations. These symbols and icons can be used on business cards and stationery to represent your company. These illustrations have been made with vector software. To learn more about making a good logo read the instructions below. More creative logos tips and links to other online logo creators will be added here soon. If you need a custom logo design fast by a graphic designer please feel free to contact us.

Free business card logos icons symbols


Download free logos online for your own business card

Tips on how to design your own recognizable business logo
There are a few basic rules to keep in mind when designing a logo. Firstly your logo should adhere to basic design principles. Often this part goes wrong when creators are using to many Photoshop effects like dropshadows and bevels. A logo should be visually balanced. Secondly a logo should distinguish itself from others in your industry and be recognizable. This way your company will become a brand. Lastly your logo should be memorable. By keeping the design simple and timeless clients will remember it. An extra benefit is that you don't have to change the logo for many years.

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