Business card organizers holders cases folders boxes sleeves etc.

Organize your saved business card collection and display your own in a neat way
The longer you are in business the bigger the collection of business cards you will have. To help you organize and sort all these cards there are a range of solutions and filing products to choose from. Office supply stores and online specialty shops sell all types of systems to make the process easy and simple. On this page you will find all of the ways to file, arrange or display your cards with links on where to buy the product for the cheapest price.

Business card album, binder or folder
Probably the easiest way to organize cards is in an album, folder or binder that you can place in your bookcase. These type of folders usually come with transparent pockets or sleeves that hold multiple cards depending on the size. You can easily flip through your collection and arrange them alphabetically or order them by category. If it's a binder with rings you can often buy additional sleeves when you are running out of space. The covers can be made from different materials like cardboard, plastic or leather for a more luxurious feel. Prices range from

Business card rolodex, file cases and plastic boxes
When you don't look at your collected business cards too often you can store them in a box or case. Some boxes or cases come with alphabetical dividers so you can easily retrieve a company name you are looking for. A rolodex on your desk might be even handier to flip through.

Personal business card pocket case, envelope or wallet
When you need to hand out and exchange business cards at meetings, conferences or other places a personal pocket case, envelope or wallet can come in handy. It looks professional in front of your clients and keeps your cards in tip top shape without bent corners. Personalized pocket cases, envelopes and wallets can be customized in different ways too. Think of silver engraved cases, printed envelopes or leather wallets with your initials.

Professional business card desk holders, wall mounted display racks and floor stands
When you want to display business cards and encourage people to see and take them there are a whole range of holders, racks and stands to choose from for your store or office. A wall mounted rack can have multiple pockets whereas an elegant desk holder can just have one pocket. These cardholders can be made from different materials like transparent plastic, wood or wired metal.

Self adhesive business card pockets and transparent sticky sleeves for the perfect presentation
When you want to add your card to a product in a professional way transparent adhesive pockets and sticky sleeves are ideal for the job. The advantage is that you

How to make your own business card holder from paper or cardboard
When you are on a budget or don't have time to order just make your own business card holder from paper or some other material. There are plenty of creative ways to cut and fold a neat display that holds cards. Search online for more information on how to instructions and video tutorials.

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